What do you mean by a Campaign date?

A campaign date is a certain time frame from which the organization offers you an opportunity to purchase products they endorse.

Can we still order after the Campaign date has ended? 

No. We are working hard to meet the deadline set by the organization and maximize the profits we make for them. Look for the next campaign and order.

How are the products delivered to the people that purchase from boosterclubsales.com?

All purchases will be delivered to the organization you helped support. They will disperse them to you. Usually at your booster meeting or event.

How does this help the organization we want to support when we are buying from boosterclubsales.com?

We have entered an agreement with the organization to split part of the proceeds with them. So buy with confidence knowing it will help them.

Can a campaign date change or a campaign be canceled?

Yes. Dates can change only by the request of the organization. If a campaign is cancelled by the organization or boosterclubsales.com a refund will be issued to any existing orders.


Have any more questions? We'd be glad to help! Give us a call at (575)526-2417 or send us an email at theboosterclubsales@gmail.com.